9:37 AM, Sunday, April 16th 2023:
Oh Little Loo... we had to put LeeLoo down a few days ago and it seemed a fitting thing to cement into The Journey even though she hasn't lived in our house in... goodness could it be? Over six years. Wow. Christmas 2016 was when the pups had to go to Oma's house because of Cam's allergies.
That's achingly short but understandable since the experiences with them after 2016 were so limited. Those dogs meant so much to the kids though, so it was pretty tough. THey remember what happened with CeBe in 2020 but animal control taking her away did keep them from actually seeing her pass. Something that gnaws at me to this day. Fuck COVID. It's also quite crazy that they died on April 12th and April 13th, three years apart... but the truth is, any time in the past 4 weeks it could've been appropriate to put LeeLoo down. If you're not going to go the "drastic life-saving measure" route... once they're skin and bones and struggling... it's time.
It was nice that someone was able to come out to administer the shots - first time I've ever experienced that. Every dog death in my life other than my childhood dog, Muffin, has been complete trauma. This was as loving and peaceful as possible. Not sure Vienna agrees... she had the hardest time. Poor sweetie. Hearing your dad say it was nice certainly doesn't help. It just hurts. It was nice that LeeLoo didn't even notice the shots as I think her sensitivity to nearly everything had vanished. She did actually eat a little because her dog friends were there. When they weren't she was barely eating... but I think the ol' dog jealousy of "Hey, why aren't I getting those treats!?" kicked in. Heh.
And life moves on... but for the first time in 20 years of The Journey... no dogs. Cats rule for the forseeable future and when traveling as much as we're probably going to - it makes sense.
Love you Loo!