2:30 PM, Tuesday, April 11th 2023:
Here's what I'm excited to announce... next year? The kids are doing the easter egg hunt for US. This is the 9th goddamned hunt - hell, actually 10th if you count the Halloween Hunt in 2020 - and the parents are tired. Only so many hiding places, only so many interesting gifts or ways to do it and as we were walking into watch the Mario movie the Vienna wanted to a hunt for US and I said "IT'S YOURS BABAY!!!!!!"
But at least this one was in VR...
Fun. Cute seeing how much they've grown. Very glad that this may be the last one though... weird to say, right? But this is the mode of parenting we're entering: the final chapter. I've always looked at their childhood in 3 parts for some reason. We're at the end of part 2 which is a freaking blast, but the transition to part 3 happens organically. They're growing up. I'm not even sad honestly, I'm excited for the next traditions, but it's undeniable we're pretty much here. Our daily discussions indeed feel like "Part 3" discussions. It's adulthood prep pretty much 24-7. They're both very, very intelligent and you notice it WAY more when we start talking. They can still act like 9 and 10 year olds because they have that ENERGY... but when you have the discussion over dinner about finances or death or relationships... they're actually WAY ahead. They've sadly had their hearts broken by family members already, they've watched a dog die (about to see it again very very soon) and you can see that shift.
They did however love the Mario movie in 4DX, but I kinda thought it was unnecessary. The 3D was minimal at best and the 4DX just felt kinda jarring for that movie. It was cool as shit for Jurrassic World... but kinda ho-hum here. OOOh, on a technical note I was able to sneak in my Vuze 3D VR180 camera and put the glasses on the lenses? And it worked! Quality sucks, but holy shit - it actually works. I may do some stuff with the good VR180 camera and some of the 3D films I have. Was gonna put it in this video but don't wanna get a copyright hit.
Alright - video about starting the build of a clean room for the Cambone up next. Then we're off to San Francisco for a Delorean gig!