8:26 AM, Tuesday, April 4th 2023:
So, uhm... ground zero after kids... completely different. That or it's the "getting old" thing. I've had this discussion with other friends: we suddenly get emotional about goofy shit. My friend Greg said he teared up at the first Mario movie trailer (COMES OUT TOMORROW!). I didn't, but I understood it. I get emotional way faster than I used to. I attributed it to having kids. You start seeing things through their eyes, there's a different weight to everything. Like you're preparing your world to hand over and it's just heavy. Somehow it seeps into every little crack. Suddenly you're crying at a hallmark commercial, you know? Weird.
Anyway - walked up to the first... uhm, HOLE, I guess? Teared up and had to catch myself from a YELP of a cry. It was 1000% because I was with my kids. The memorial is so well designed. It's named "Reflecting absence" and it's just unreal. Actually let's do the video, because I'm kinda doubling up on my voice-over...
Man, what a nice video. Just watched that again in the headset... it's just a feel. As if you haven't noticed, I'm absolutely smitten with this format and, well, actually I received a phone call last Friday and had a meeting Monday that could end up being massive. It's tough, because I usually wanna do the old school Journey thing where I say everything that's happening here so you can all feel it with me... but I'm not to the place where I can do quick one-off VR180 videos. You know? I feel like they all need to be higher quality... though ironically, the lifeblood of The Journey are the "in-between" videos that capture actual real life. Maybe that changes soon. Because what's brewin' is related to VR180 and it could take me across the planet for something decidedly awesome. Maybe I'll do a flat video and hit the deets in the next entry.
Anyway - New York is done! What a trip! It was the biggest test for "run & gun" VR180 yet and I'm happy to say it was a resounding success. Could've come home with 2 1/2 hours of useless footage but I believe it all worked out. I can't begin to express to you how scary it is for someone who has documented his life for a quarter-century to basically go blind with a camera the entire trip. So, whew. Did it.
Movin' right along...