12:01 AM, Saturday, April 1st, 2023:
I'm so happy. I'm just so happy I've gone down this road. Goddamn I needed a fresh start for not only The Journey, but creatively for my brain. And to top it off, yesterday I took a phone call concerning a future VR180 project that is absolutely massive and would fundamentally change the outlook of my life.
And now, The Museum of Modern Art!
Cool, right? I know the car part was a little long, but again - we're still in the testing phase... I need to feel all these different situations and there was no way I wasn't sharing as much of that as possible. Of course the audio was a mess... oh and apparently on Meta TV the audio isn't in stereo!?!??! The fuck?
I'm so annoyed with Meta TV right now.
Anyway, the whole filming thing in MoMA is so bizarre. Other than the video exhibit: it's all static shit. What the fuck is the difference!?!?! Come on. Anyway - glad I got what I did and of course the video exhibit is perfect for this medium!
AS IS THE ENTIRE MUSEUM. Museums should be releasing this content! Come on! I would love to do tours like this in VR.
Soon... just need to be patient and keep making good stuff.