2:06 PM, Thurday, March 30th, 2023:
Alright let's do this!!
It's funny I both understand and don't understand why Nintendo only has one freaking store here. Fuck, why are there ever any stores anymore? Ya know? Like... why would you drive to the Nintendo Store to get a Nintendo game? All of those products you can buy elsewhere online... but I mean... on the flip side? Nintendo could corner their own market and EASILY only sell their stuff at their stores and on their digitial distribution platforms and make a KILLING. What am I missing?
Then again, they're starting to get it with Super Nintendo World (no matter how cramped in poorly thought out the Hollywood one is) and I think the Mario movie is gonna spawn an entire film universe for the next 20 years. The trailers are CRAZY high quality and they have seemingly NAILED it. Like I've already accepted my family is seeing that shit twice and we'll probably be stuck paying $100 to see it in 4DX for no goddamned reason. LMFAO.
Alright, Museum of Modern Art is up next and I'm super stoked for you guys to see the video exhibit... that I apparently wasn't supposed to film. Ferfuksake, these museums are really missing the point, right? This is the exposure you WANT. Shit, they should release THEIR OWN VR180 film so people can do their own walk throughs and so these exhibits can be SAVED for future generations.