1:36 PM, Wednesday, March 29th, 2023:
I've been shaking my head for several minutes here. I'm honestly just not sure how to express my feelings on this video. You're there.
You're there, you're there, you're there. The shot of the corner of the Dakota is so overwhleming for me and I'm just not sure if anyone else shares that opinion! Because so few people are in headsets, nor can they comment after they've watched. I guess we'll see when all of this finally goes public.
Oh and it should go without saying... YouTube is gimping the resolution by 1/2 and it does make a massive difference. So if that's how you're watching it, keep that in mind.... lemme just put the video here so I'm out of the intro:
To be able to tell that storyof my life, in this format? I'm literally stuttering as I try to express how valuable it is to me. Besides all the personal stuff with how that "leap" defined my adulthood, let me go back to the Dakota...
I've stood at that spot, let me count... hmmm, seems like exactly 10 times. I've photographed it, recorded it... went from SD to HD... I've seen it in newspapers and that dark tunnel is burned in my brain as my imagination can almost feel the scene that happened over 40 years ago. Viewing it with cars passing, peoples taking pictures and with the ability to see the ENTIRE THING in your peripheral vision? Holy fuck. That's the crazy part to me: your ability to take the entire thing in... even look up at the top... you're there. And again, as I said in the previous entry, unlike Google Earth, this is living and breathing. It's like you just stepped into my head... It's absolutely breathtaking for me to be able capture that feeling...
However, t's obviously NOT cinematic. I should do a flat short with this camera and a normal lens to express just how fucking amazing I can make a flat image look. Make no doubt, by using a double fisheye lens you're killing the majority of the beauty of this camera... I'm also BLANKET color grading it for time and there's mistakes abounding... but what it may lack in fidelity, etc. it more than makes up for and sheer scale. Not sure there's a better location on the planet to feel it, either. Whereas trees wreak havoc on the codec as the constant motion is a bitch to transcode, buildings? Perfectly still, therefore they can tower over you and make you feel their presence. Just enamored with this...
...and then of course the content. The literal core of my soul. I honestly conisder it my birthplace. The balls to do that at 19, and the confidence and honestly, that calm assuredness that it would work out? Oh man, that's the moment I look back on as a guy pushin' 50 where I took a real risk.
Now I could argue that lip-syncing as a female opera singer in 6th grade with fake boobs in a dress on-stage during a talent show was also very "me" at an early age. But there's little risk there other than looking foolish. Getting MARRIED? Fuck. That's a "permanent record" choice right there. Oh and then getting the talk show 6 months later and it being a pretty big part of my persona? Whew. "Young Adam" they called me. With my own CD, my radio show bits, being written up in the paper... a wife? ON TOP OF THE WORLD.
And then one by one I lost it ALLLLLLLLL. And did it publicly. Less than a year after the divorce, lost the job and suffered a personal and career BUTT-WHOOPIN' and found myself at the BOTTOM at a mere 21. Life kicked my ass... and I found a way to keep going.
I really do need to make a Journey Volume Zero. I sometimes belive that's the foundation of everything.
ANYWAY - I adore this video. I am heartbroken so few people can see it yet... but they will. It's funny, the more ignored I feel by Meta or DeoVR (or YouTube for that matter, which has clearly shadow banned me since last year) I'm even more certain I'm on the right path and as I look ahead at what the first 50 Vrlogs will hold? Oh my goodness. It's like formatting a television channel.

Wait'll you see what happens in the next couple months. For the next entry however, The Nintendo Store!