4:36 AM, Thursday, March 16th, 2023:
If you had told me a few months ago that I would be making a 45 minute 8k60 VRlog from one RAW file like it was just another day, I'm not sure I could've wrapped my head around that. This new computer is no joke. I will admit it didn't like it. I hate to export the file as 3 seperate files as converting crashed Resolve at 51% and then 71%... but it did pull it off.
I also nailed a way to bring in the desktop view from Steam VR, while viewing the VR180 file in my headset, so I can edit the entire thing while in VR. Previously I had to lift my head back and look down the crack in the headset at my nose to line up edits, etc. I only really need to be in VR for the 3D overlays, so it's not a big deal. It is in the case of videos like this however, since I try to bring in video for things we're talking about. But yes, the next Flash & The Fundamentals...
Man I wish other people were doing this. I would watch the fuck out of things like this and be so goddamned excited when new ones came out. It's gonna be a long goddamned transition and I see no way to speed that up. It's more frustrating now than it was 23 years ago, because we now understand how video online will work and how we will access it. In 2000, experienceing broadband made you envision more powerful websites, TVs with the capabilities of streaming content, etc... but it wasn't until smart phones came along that you saw how it would interact with your day. Now? It's all very, very clear - we're simply waiting on the technology and the devices to get here to deliver it.
We also need these media platforms to push it correctly. And how that platform isn't Meta right now, blows my FUCKING mind. They're having a hard time with retention once people buy the headset and literally EVERY SINGLE PERSON I know that had one, didn't know VR180 existed. Some of them now plan their gaming around first watching a couple videos, then jumping into a game. WHICH IS EXACTLY THE POINT. It does seem that they're funding some bits, etc, but there's people (LIKE THIS GUY RIGHT HERE), willing to MAKE the content FOR YOU. Go buy some TV exec from cable, and have him PROGRAM a channel for you. On demand, or just - fuck, make some TV channels. So I can watch a podcast channel, or a travel channel, etc. So I can easily subscribe to creators, etc. Build it, and they will come.
Anyway - it was fun to have Jay back 5 years later, but man - these fuckin' 1%ers make me crazy. They make it seem like I'm the odd man out. I mean, I am in this video... but their planes and their boats and their diamond status... fuck. I mean I touch on it a bit in the video, but their overhead stressors are no joke. We have commonalities, but mother-of-fuck, this is where we diverge. The things I worry about are so focused and so... wonderful? I'm focused on my kids, then Talya, then all my little projects. That, is fucking, it. I save all of our money, and divy it out when necessary and we have enough. So I don't think about money. It isn't a stressor, I'm not over-reaching. It barely enters my mind. It gives me all the time in the world to spend with my family, and make silly shit like this.
IF I HAD TO FOCUS ON SPENDING $20,000 A YEAR IN PLANE TICKETS TO MAINTAIN DIAMOND STATUS... folks, it would never happen. I've dipped my toe in that world through Don... and yes, how he travels is pretty fun... but it ain't as fun as hangin' with my kids. Even when we travel... it's fun doin' it the cheap way with them because they're just excited to be doing it. You know? It's like being a kid again.

Now, when I'm in my 60s and traveling alone with Talya? Sure, get back to me. I may have changed my tune. But something tells me we'll put more time, effort and money into where we're actually going than the size of the seat that takes us there or the privilege of boarding before other people and feeling important while they get their seat. I mean... good, fuck. There simply isn't a bone in my body that cares about that. I want the seat further back to get the cool shot of the WING for the video. I feel like they misunderstood the "Life's a Journey, not a destination" quote.
I haven't.
Anyway... I believe I'm off for a bit! I have been producing this shit like CRAZY the last few weeks and we leave for NYC on Monday... can't really edit that shit in NY, so although I'll be writing entries and whatnot, none of that shit will be ready to go until the week after. Man I hope I can piece together some cool stories in VR from NYC. It's gonna be pretty damn cold. Hope the kids are ready to hustle. They may get their first real coffee next week. Goddamn I'm excited. Man I wrote that 3 years ago when we initially booked this, didn't I?
"NYC is gonna be fun. We're gonna do everything in our power to keep it universally adult centered. Animal Crossing comes out a few days before we go and we will all have it on our own Nintendo Switch consoles (which feels like the biggest caviar dream of my childhood come true) so we will have days staying inside and bonding that way. That's kinda how I do adventures: I live in them. The constant need to see the sites destroys the joy of feeling and appreciating a new space."


That's from January 25th, 2020. It was to be our first real excursion that wasn't destination centered. It was about traversing NYC. The subway, grabbing a slice. Seeing shit. Just taking it all in. Also staying in 'cause you're whooped and need to get off your feet. And back then of course it was gonna be Animal Crossing. Little did we realize that that game was gonna save our collective butts during COVID.
Man 3 years, I'm really glad they're 3 years older. They're gonna have fun. Alright... adventure 2,321 comin' up!