10:51 AM, Sunday, March 12th, 2023:
The inner-battle on whether I should capture this in 2D or 3D was so strong. I mean, up until the moment we left... in the end, I knew I had to go flat because I would need to be AT the stage to do it in VR which is super distracting. And this is where VR180 will never be preferred: moments that need context. Same reason the NBA would never just go to a camera on the player's head for the main shot. Cool for a highlight, but you need to sit back and see the whole floor. It would work at center court looking left and right, though. TOO BAD THEY DO THAT in 360 instead of VR180 3D. FUCKING HELL PEOPLE.
Ahem, anyway - the talent show... just watch this wonderfulness:
More than the cuteness of it all, just being able to capture a moment in a friendship is really, really cool. Autumn and Vienna have been besties for awhile now and I remember that feeling at that age. I'm whisked away to my 6th grade talent show with Brendan Murphy (which I tried desperately to find video of EVEN in 1989 and couldn't) where we lip-synced Spike Jones: Glowworm. We've been friends ever since. Something about sharing that adrenaline spotlight with someone - it's something that you share with your friend uniquely. So that's my first feeling...
...the second of couse is, they're having fun... and Vienna used to be the shyest kid on the planet. You can still kind of see it, but man - she's busting out of her shell. Whereas Cam was a ham from the moment he could walk, Vienna is just recently becoming more extroverted.
The big thing of course is that these jokes are actually pretty funny. I know Vienna and Autumn worked with Autumn's mom on the script so I don't exactly know who wrote what, but it doesn't really matter. They worked on a routine, they performed it with joy in their faces and the teenagers "can't even" line legit made me guffaw even though I was trying to be silent.
Anyway, just a happy memory that I'm glad I can cement into The Journey.