10:36 AM, Friday, March 10th, 2023:
It's occurring to me that I will probably have MORE VR entries than regular entries this year. That's crazy to me. It also brings up the issue I mentioned at the beginning of this year: what becomes of The Journey Volume 3? Hell, even the year-end videos... I'm almost erasing the flat TV journey. Now, granted, you can watch these on a flat TV - and I've actually saved 2D versions of every video, cropped in, etc... but man - it feels different. I'm still a cinephile at heart. I still adore 24fps and cinematic framing and storytelling. VR180 is so, so different. In a way it feels "cheap". In the same way you can be in a room where someone is taking pictures and when you see them you go "oh wow, didn't see it like that!" that's the skill and art of photography. Nearly ALL of that vanishes in VR180...
...however what you get in return? jaw-dropping presence and a feeling you cannot get in a flat world. Take the last entry for example. When it cuts to the shot inside the Delorean on the highway? I instinctively hold my breath. I don't care how you shoot that and project it in 2D and EVER get that type of feeling. So it's the definitiion of a catch-22 and I will be trying to test the limits of VR180 to see if I can indeed make something feel both present and cinematic. You can. It's just a lot harder.
Anyway - today's video! Laser Tag! Let's throw this out here and then I'll make all my nerdy comments...
Ohhhh the laser tag is such a missed opportunity. If each player had a tiny light on their face it would've been COOL AS FUCK. I like the darkness for the atmosphere. The all-black and then the neon colors is AWESOME... but you can't see anyone's faces without destroying that contrast. I guess I could've sat there and color graded for each face, but holy shit man - this is The Journey, not a wide release. I'm knockin' out 8 of these a month. Fuck that. But yeah, one little light would've nailed it. But again, as a test? Now I really understand what is possible with this camera. That's really all these things are for the first 20. Thought it would be 10 tests, ends up it's a lot more.
Oh what a hop in my step. Really, really dig this new landscape.