4:12 AM, Wednesday, March 8th, 2023:
I'm weird, I actually like insomnia. Now that's privilege talking as I have the freedom to have insomnia, work for a few hours and then go BACK to bed at 6am until 9ish. But the reason I like it? It usually means I'm making something. I'm focused on a goal and my mind is kinda racin'. Right now it's just all things VRlogs. Attempting to get people over for interviews, planning future VRlogs, it's encompassing my entire working day and it has been wonderful. I just recently got someone that worked at Meta to push an internal ticket that got my views turned back on and I'm over 10,000 views headset which is nice. Considering the last time I could even see a subscriber number it was only 16, that means there are people searching and finding my content. Still no way to see how many subscribers I have. How ridiculous is that...
ANYWAY. Early struggles, onto today's video... a Delorean gig at Twin Pines Mall with a good business relationship. Dig these peeps. Also a very long outro of DRIVING in the time machine which could've honestly been a VRlog by itself...
A little more about the "magic" of VR180... as I touch on in the video, the length of time you spend within a VR180 video makes a lot of the shortcomings of the format disappear. Like, clearly -the road ahead is blurry. No two ways around it. But your surroundings aren't. You notice this at first... and then you eventually just accept it. Kind of like just accepting "Oh, I'm near-sighted, this is life now." I'm not saying it's preferable, I wish I could fix it... but after a few moments? Your brain says "this is reality." and it starts to fade away as a distraction. Then pretty soon you're just riding in the car. No music, no voice-over... it's just a ride. If you're like me you're looking at the mirrors, preparing for lane changes, you're actively involved in the same way you'd be if you were a passenger. It's cool. And something I couldn't cut away from as I just wanted to see what's coming up next on the ride. I know that section of the 101 through downtown and hollywood so well... fun to ride along, really. Would be nicer in a car that doesn't CONSTANTLY fucking rumble, but it was lessened at highway speeds and the public likes the Time Machine way more than I do. LOL.
Up next? Laser Tag Birthday party, Flash & The Fundamentals 2 and a spotlight on Jed. Then? NEW YORK CITY!
Whew. Gonna be a fun year.