8:04 AM, Monday, March 6th, 2023:
I've been trying to make sure these VRlogs have a narrative, and show some level of production value in an attempt to push a specific type of experience not really offered in the VR180 field. So to even make this one of those precious slots does indeed make me wince a bit...
...but I cannot deny that THIS might be the video I look back on in 10 years and go "yup, saw that comin'." I actually believe this could be a big part of the future...
To be clear, what I believe will eventually happen will be an augmented reality. not straight-up video. So when you raise your hand up to eat the healthy food, you just see a piece of pizza in it as you eat. It's just a choice you could make on the fly if you feel like it. But as I mentioned here on the site three entries ago, this shit worked HARD on me and even watching this video without eating gave me a pretty visceral, almost emotional reaction. Clearly, Adam has food issues... but LMAO, aside from that, lots of people have food issues. How do we get past it?
But alas, don't worry that I will be making tons of these videos in an attempt to be the person INTRODUCING this dieting fad... maybe it's a million-dollar idea, but I don't give a fuck. I have zero ambition to produce video after video of this shit. LOL. If you've noticed from the past 18 VRlogs, I'm jumping all OVER the place and trying to almost program these VRlogs like a TV channel. Variety keeps ME going even if a niche lane might be more successful.
Story of my life really. Hope people can figure out how to contact me or leave a comment on how this worked or didn't work for them.