6:25 AM, Friday, March 4th, 2023:
Man the big files take so long to upload. I wonder what I would've thought in 2000 if I told myself I'd be uploading 15 gig files for people to view online in their VR headsets at a whopping 8k resolution at 60fps...
...actually, 25 years later - yeah. That wouldn't surprise me. LOL. I paid $270 for a 27 gig drive to start 4tvs. Was so happy at $10 a gig.
So here's a big VRlog in a couple ways. Just expressed the size... but the topic is a big problem. Hell I just jumped on the new Xstadium app to watch some NBA with their new VR cameras and whaddya know: 360. Quality is fine, but it's flat and all of that so you can look at the audience behind you ONCE and then watch the basketball flat. It's crazy, on YouTube I found the exact shot at a highschool game shot in VR180 and it was stunning. When will these companies understand? How do we break through this?
Well, here's a start. Me stating my case...
I don't exactly know how that can be refuted, and I also don't know how I'll ever get any feedback as now it's quite clear my channel is completely invisible. I did a search for all videos tagged with #VR180 on YouTube. They all came up (there's not a lot of them). All with mid-level view counts to hardly any. You could see the entire week of uploads on like one page... my videos are completely absent. You can literally pick the TAG I PUT ON THE VIDEOS and it never shows up. It's pretty disheartening. I never cared the previous 20 years because... well I just didn't. Not why I upload. But now? When I need to push something? Silence. Ridiculous.
Do I make an ENTIRELY new channel from scratch? I feel like there's no other choice. I've had this channel for 17 years.
Ugh. Anyway, I'm happy with the video... happy with all the little tricks and whatnot. Shit I'm just happy I can make a 26 minute rant, have a raw file size over 500 gigs and edit that. I mean honestly part of the reason VR180 isn't taking off just yet is because not many people have a system that can do that. So you end up doing 4k60 and the results are worse... and hell even at 4k60, you still need a good system to be able to edit in the VR headset. Cannot tell you how many of these videos I've seen where the graphic overlays are all fucked up because they obviously had to guess. You really need the headset...
Also, not sure if I made it clear enough in the video, but this is a real, actual thing: 360 vs 180. Like political parties. It's insane how committed people are to 360° video. A guy went on one of the filmmaker sites (just like me) and said the opposite "How could anyone think 180 is better than 360?". <throws hands up>. And the rest of the comments were as heated as politics. Like... fucking hell. This is why when you go to view video on Meta TV it's a sea of crap. It's not curated well (except for the people they specifically select and most of those are 360° as well). I just... jesus. How are these people actually watching the footage? Do they spin around in a computer chair? Do they ignore the complete lack of narrative in a video where you can look in EVERY direction? Ugh.
It should also be noted, that right before shooting this video on 3/2, I had a good conversation with Chris Johnson about making a VR180 video app sice no one seems to be doing it correctly. I really feel like I have a firm hold on what the 2030s will look like and no one else does. Shit, I gave it away in the "Living in 2033" video... pretty hard not to watch that and go "well yeah, duh."
All I know is that for once I want to bank on my pioneering spirit. Didn't do it in 1999/2000, would be nice to get ahead of something and drag it to people's eyes. Time Will Tell.