5:52 AM, Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023:
Did I just stumble on the future of dieting? Holy hell... here's the video first...
So yadda, yadda - the arcade came off super cool in VR. Now to the crazy thing that happened when I rendered this footage.
I made a turkey sandwich while waiting for the video to transfer to my headset. I finished it before I got to the Donatos part. I then watched the Donatos part and wasn't kidding when I said I could smell the video. That pizza looked so goddamn good. And I watched myself eating it and more than that just kept staring at that pizza because it was RIGHT, FUCKING, THERE. Finished the video and left my office.
My first thought as I left the room: Man, that Donatos was good. Not that Donatos I had days ago when I shot that, for a split second I felt like I had JUST eaten because I had just eaten, I had food in my stomach, and because of the VR video? My brain thought I had that pizza in my stomach. Now let's go a step further.
If I were to actually make a VR180 video of eating some form of junk food where you are looking down at it, it is comin up at you and it is being eaten... and you ate something else at the same time... would that work? Like, when I walked out of my office I still had the taste of the pizza in my mouth... and that was just 3rd person. What if your AR/VR glasses could change the food ACTUALLY in front of you into whatever it is you crave, even though the reality is something else. You know how you can fake your brain into feeling pain in a fake hand? Ever see that experiment? Shit, I bet you could do this.
I'm totally going to make an eating video to try it out. This is gonna rock.
For now a Marty Package later today... It really never stops does it.
PS - got some good comments on that last video (Nathie is the biggest VR YouTuber in the world so, wow) and the Jay Bratt dude also emailed me and said he wanted to do a piece on VR180 next week. Incredibly, that was it... but it's enough. So, whew.