5:35 AM, Monday, February 20th, 2023:
Please let this work.
I made this video for VR YouTubers in the hope that they would pick it up and actually talk about VR180. They're mostly game and tech oriented... but if they're VR oriented or care about the metaverse? This will speak to them...
And now we wait. It sucks. I did this with the Super Nintendo World video. I hit up every VR website and Nintendo website - never even got an email back let alone them actually covering it. So YouTubers are my last hope. I'm making a proof-of-concept video where you see what I mean WHILE WATCHING a VR 180 video that I think will help as well. Really hope some of these guys (and girls) reply. I sent it to the top 18 channels I could find.
And all of this is just fucking stupid because Meta should be ON this shit. Meanwhile the videos I've uploaded on Meta TV are in a vacuum. The viewcounts stopped updating in February and a couple weeks ago disappeared all together. I can't get anyone at the company (AND I KNOW PEOPLE THAT WORK THERE) to get any message to anyone running fucking anything. I get it, they don't think VR180 video is important. Fine... but if you're gonna have content creators, maybe give them ANY tools to help them grow? VIEW COUNTS for fuck's sake? The ability to link people to subscription buttons?
Sorry. Anyway, here's hoping this video helps.
<fingers crossed>