9:34 AM, Wednesday, February 15th, 2023:
Man, I really needed a new audience didn't I? I'm just enamored at this idea that some people will only ever see these VRlogs. If they're in their headset watching they won't even SEE the "flat" ones. I mean, unless they're accessing it through YouTube VR. But no, for many? This is their only idea of me and it becomes this new story, really. My goodness the variation in these first dozen or so VRlogs is just CRAZY. I cannot imagine how strange this must seem to people. It's funny, I'm starting the long process of uploading all of them to Deo VR and they give you a long list of tags to choose from... and it's occurring to me that I will eventually use every goddamned tag because my life is seemingly everything. I mean, except naked girls dancing. Which, is, my only real competition. LOL.
It's also more and more clear... well shit let me get to the video: Descanso Gardens! Just a nice nature walk and some cool ducks, and Cam being quirky and weird. Love it.
If you were wondering, he said he likes to find one thing wherever he goes, burn it into his brain and then associate that with his memory of the day. Kinda cool.
But as I was saying, it's getting clearer that as this tech gets easier to use, say it's already in your glasses, you will see so many more people doing this. They will fly past me and turn it into something new just like they did with video blogs. But for right now? I'm the only one doing it like this. I remember last year finding a guy doing a first VR vlog and saying "wouldn't this be cool!?!" and then never did it again that I could find. I think that's always been how I separated myself. It's not that I'm a visionary... I just mix it with a work ethic and a steadfast organization that allows it to continue. Workflow, workflow, workflow. It's why this crazy fucking computer was mandatory. I can now go from shooting to uploading an edited piece within 24 hours. That's fucking badass for 8k60 raw files. Once that workflow is set up? You can actually run and gun. The only issue is the camera is heavy, cumbersome and fucking expensive. Unlike an iphone (which I guess is also pretty expensive) that you can throw in your pocket... you can't really put this fucker down too well without putting the gimbal on a table on FULL DISPLAY. Like: "LOOK AT ME MAN!". I hate that.
But yeah, I'm now 14 deep. Looks like I'll probably average about one VRlog a week with regular videos filling in the gaps. Who'd have thought The Journey would be 50% VR in 2023? What a massive change. I can't believe I've pushed it this far. This is not what I meant when I said "It's Time To Push" at the beginning of the year. I was talking about the films! Leave it to me to once again release a doc and then run so fast to the next thing I never actually market correctly. Ugh.
Oh well, I'm too happy to care. :-)