11:33 AM, Friday, January 27th, 2023:
Goddamn it's hard not to be excited about this medium after this video. That may seem strange after Super Nintendo World and how much VR brings that to life, but the movement of it really does take out so many people and I'm not certain that will necessarily get better in the future...
...what will ABSOLUTELY be better in the future, is how we consume media content. When those glasses get light enough to wear daily and while walking, and while driving, etc... you will stop at a starbucks, sit down and watch or read the news... and you'll be able to easily go in and out of virtual experiences with just a word. So imagine getting comfortable with your coffee and just saying "Play Flash & The Fundamentals Episode VR01" and this becomes your view...
...I'm gonna act like you didn't watch that since you can't really READ this in VR... though wait... I guess you could. In fact this is similar to what I'm describing. You then scroll this essay with your eyes. You look at the video embedded and blink TWICE fast, and it just starts. Then another motion or sound will bring you back.

The other thing that's starting in this new mixed reality scape are people acting in front of green screens and when you see it in your headset, your actual environment fills in the space. By people I mean PORN and by acting I mean PORN. LMAO. I swear they lead every technological advancement and this is no different. So a future podcast might be us at the bar, but the walls are green screened so the bar just appears in your house like a hologram. We have that technology TODAY... it will simply get easier to use in the future.
I see it so clearly and I feel like I'm screaming into a vaccuum. I really am right now and the unfortunate thing is that the other people that agree? They're too busy doing PORN and TRAVEL videos to even give a fuck about me and Don having a conversation... but actually, Talya is a great example. She's seen everything I've done with this thing from 2016 on. From the scary shit to the porn to the travel videos to my Delorean ride, etc. She watched this Flash & The Fundamentals and audibly gasped and said "holy shit." and then enjoyed the entire thing, took off the headset and unabashedly said "That was amazing."
It's just two guys talking. But what's amazing is now that I know this camera, and the focus, and the color grading, and the 3D overlays, etc. Now that it's so commonplace and easy to implement? The sense of presence is unparralled and those 3D overlays start to feel like literal magic. It's much like it must've felt in the 1960s and 1970s with the rudimentary graphics at the time. People were just getting used to color on TV and suddenly images are floating next to the people talking in real-time and it's just... well, it's just magic.
The other thing this does so well (and the one with my dad before it)? Is showing the old footage pretty much livens it up to such a degree that it looks new again. That 2Pac footage is so clear and timeless and it's honestly very low quality... but because of 3D and how it's put between me and Don it... man I don't even know the word. I feel like I should make it up now because there will be a commonplace word for it in the future and some other jackass will get the credit. I'll stew on that a bit.
But can you hear the hop in my step? I feel like 1999. I know this is how people will consume media in the future and I wish I had a way to scream it from the mountaintops now. I showed this to Rusty and he was also blown away at the outright PRESENCE. It's funny, he mentioned the audio and how much it sounds like Don and I are speaking to you in the correct space and what's really happening is just the fact that it's in 3D and it matches. That audio recorder is in the same place as other bar conversations I've had... but in VR - it just amps everything up.
I should also say, this is a very funny video. I don't often laugh out loud at shit I'm in, but there's a couple lines and moments here that really really hit. Don was clearly NOT on his game that day and I just know him too damn well to let it slide. Ass well, all you have to do is LOOK TO YOUR LEFT and see the Mike's Hard Lemonade he thought he was hiding. I honestly didnt' realize it would be in frame but I'll be damned if I was gonna edit it out for him - LMFAO.
This also makes me super excited for "Fastest Delorean in VR" because it's really gonna work. Just a matter of how it's distributed at this point.
AHHH I'm just so excited. That new computer is kicking ass and I can actually DO A JOB! Like, I could do professional work with this thing that only a handful of people can pull off on the planet. There's a very good possibility I'm nearing the end of the RentTheDelorean.com days and I'm so fucking excited I can barely sit still to keep a thought in my head...
...so nice to be able to say that a 1/4 century later.