6:47 AM, Saturday, January 14th, 2023:
This is the stuff that will eventually move VR180. I know that in a world of fantastic travel videos and musiv videos that seems insane, but I'm reminded of the beginning of HD. When you'd buy...wait, no that was just DVDs. Christ I'm old. We're still in SD, but our asses were buying DVDs of fish just because it looked SO GOOD. EXPERIENCE THE DEEP! HAHAHAHA...
That's always what new technology does. Well, that and porn. Over-the-top, immersive things designed to make you say "wow". That's fine at first... and then gets old. That's where videos like this come in: sitting at a bar, having a conversation... but interspersing 3D images and videos to complete the talk. The sense of being at this bar with us is impossible to explain unless you're in a headset and if you watch it while IN that headset? You get it immediately. So, I guess i'll post it here where it doesn't work like that at all...
...and hope people just find this shit. It's so goddamned annoying how impossible it is to subscribe to my channel on Meta. Ugh.
Also was super important to me to capture my dad in this technology and have a conversation like we always do. This was that other reason I talked about in September for buying this set-up. This shit will be gold to me in the decades to come and I will be thrilled I sacrificed my sanity for a few months in 2022/2023 to make it work. I feel the same about old journey videos during the 2000s. Only now do those ring precious the way I thought they would 20 years ago. My goodness. 20 years. 24 years. Whew.
Alright, the next two entries are pretty badass. Interview about the Journey movies and then the biggie: "Super Nintendo World" and you'd better believe I'm doin' that in VR180. Could be a massive moment in the whole push to get more people following this journey in VR.
YAY 2023 is exciting.