6:10 AM, Tuesday, January 10th, 2023:
Charlotte, it's probably Charlotte...
I was trying to figure out why I even had an inkling of annoyance at 20% when I initially signed with Indie Rights. Back then, you could self-publish on Amazon and it was pretty much the only game in town, so paying them 20% felt a little odd, but they talked of selling the movie at Cannes and other markets and it was honestly just nice to have someone to talk to. Cut to today? And hoo-boy did they earn their 20%...
I must reiterate, being on Amazon now is just clout. I will continue to make more money of AVOD (ad-based video on demand) which means WAY more people will see it in other places. Like a lot more. That's the actual end goal: more eyes on the content...
...but as for a digital collection? This is the only digital place I would ever put my money and to know someone can just be in a good mood and buy all 5 and help me out? It helps. I've even bought my own movies simply for ease of access when talking about something with someone. Jump on Amazon, bring it up? Way more prestigious than YouTube. At least to my old ass. Younger generation has made their favorites millionaires, so what do I know. LOL.
But anyway - whatever the hell Indie Rights did to speak to a HUMAN at Amazon is amazing. All 5 of my films are there. Granted, not prime, but there is no business model where THAT made sense. Once I got a big check from Meeting Michael, they promptly booted me. They saw no more revenue from that, they just had to pay out. So I get it. I think. The whole thing is fascinating really.
But to see that form letter... oh how wonderous that was. It also means if I can fix the YouTube monetization snafu - it makes sense to get a publicist and really push.
2023 is shaping up to be a good year already.