7:55 AM, Saturday, January 7th, 2023:
My only takeaway at the moment is that I realized I could take apart my gimbal and could've easily gotten it into the Getty. However, I was with not only my wife and kids, but my dad and step-mom so I didn't do the normal "Adam" sneak half of the gimbal in my pants behind my shirt and as a result this is a kind of crappy efffort. They can't all be winners in the VRlog world, but I kept it in because of the one shot with the fountains. That one makes me smile. Oh, right - the video...
It's so dated to post the videos within the entry when they're in VR. What else can I do, really... it's actually pretty incredible that it took this long to run into a true crossroads on The Journey.
But anyway, this is also the first video I was able to properly edit on my new rig. #7 and #8 were gimped because there's a glitch in the new Adobe that keeps you from using "Adobe Immersive Experience" which allows you to put the headset on while editing to get the 3D titles and stuff correct. This one is better... as well I can now easily color grade and output through Resolve and bypass the Canon utility. Ugh, this is boring shit to be in this entry. Basically, workflow is a massive fucking problem with 8k60 RAW files. Canon acted like they fixed it by accepting them into their utility, but alas they didn't. I started this video using that utility, it was ass, and I went through Resolve again... however at a crazy speed. Like from a 50:1 ratio on a 2080ti to a 7:1 ratio with the 4090. Christ.

And so it is! The Getty. One of my favorite places. Anyway - some amazing news in the next entry...