4:34 PM, Sunday, January 1st, 2023:
Holy horseshit, Cameron is being so goddamned annoying right now I can't even start a new year without mentioning it. This too shall pass, but holy fuck man. The last member of the family to lack ANY AND ALL MATURITY has come barreling into 2023. LMFAO. Oh and last night? Good GOD. I'll edit out how ridiculous the countdown redo was so we can "make-believe" for a moment it was nice. Especially considering how UNBELIEVABLY SHITTY THAT OSU GAME WAS.
Wait wait, before the video - come on NCAA... you should not schedule games on New Year's Eve that go until fucking MIDNIGHT. What the fuck. Not only did we lose that heartbreaker the kids couldn't see the ball drop live? FUCKING HELL. I even had both screens up on the TV and local ABC CUT AWAY at midnight so we'd only see the "delayed" version at OUR midnight. Oh fuck you. The good news is? All of this was in 2022, so it taints little of this year...
The real ending was Cam screaming SO loud at the top of his lungs into Talya's ear and completely ruining the whole video. That little fucker's lack of impulse control is ROUGH. It's about on-par with being 9, but that shit is gonna have to improve immediately. See his 10th birthday entry later this year to see how THAT shit's goin'. FACKIN CHRIST.
So 2023. Presuming I can get YouTube to re-monitize my channel and the journey movies are on Amazon Prime? I'm gonna look into a publicist and budget a good $10k+ on pushing The Journey. I'm also gonna make individual episodes because it's just so clearly a TV show and so much of the content is just SKIMMED over in the movies. I mean, it makes them highly entertaining, but there's probably 4-5 30-minute episodes of content in each movie. A 10-Part series that covers 20 years? Really intriguing. 2 feature length documentaries somehow feels like more of a commitment. And so is life in the streaming world.
But yeah, pushing now? Makes sense. It's a more complete story and very easy for media to write stories about with click-bait headlines. Throw in the Guinness Book moniker? SHEEEEEEEEIT. Hell I may not even need a publicist for this. Seems like this should be pretty easy even pulling the old "Johnny Boyle" PR shit I did back in the '00s. Time will tell there.
Alright. I'm set. I'm excited. Yaya and Papou are in town for a good chunk of this month so it's gonna be a crazy one.... WOO HOO!!! Let's do this.