12:01 AM, Wednesday, December 28th, 2022:
Now THIS feels appropriate to release on our anniversary...
You can't really tell from that trailer, but this movie is absolutely a love letter to not only my wife, but my entire life. I'm so happy with this... so proud of this... I'm totally looking forward to pushing both of these movies in the coming year and maybe even breaking them down into individual episodes as a 20 year TV series. It was so incomplete before, but now? Oh this is a 10 episode show. Absofreaking-lutely. In fact? I'm doing that. I'm just doing that. "Where You Once Belonged" can wait. It feels like the right move.
So as I've said previously my overwhelming feeling is "how the loving fuck did I pull this off?" I was struggling with the weight and somehow did it and man - it's really effective. I cannot imagine what someone who knows nothing about me will think if they watch these 20 years. It's just so... bizarre. In fact here's a guy who was in that position:
That's Andrew of NC Tech fame. The group of Scottsmen that got me drunk a few years back on a gig and we had a goddamn blast. He only thought I owned a Delorean. LOL. He was absolutely floored. And I guess I should mention this...
So, like, I wear so many hats when producing all this shit and one of them really is an unbiased "editor" that's just worried about narrative and pacing, etc. That dude? Could, not, believe... how much talent this fucking guy has. The Egos are NOT IN THIS MOVIE. Something that defined me for 10 years... I abandoned and created an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT LIFE. God this is an embarrassing goddamned entry but I can't hide it: what the fuck? It shouldn't be possible, it does feel like this dude deserves WAY more credit and I cannot believe how it doesn't infuriate him.
And the other honest to fuck truth? It simply doesn't and I feel lucky. I've talked to people far more famous than me that want to know MY secret because all they want to do? Is produce art, have enough money, and not be beholden to so many people for that to be true. So in that sense I do indeed feel privileged... and sure, I think more eyes should see The Journey. Maybe if I can ever get it fucking monetized, sure... but for now? Dude - I'm thrilled. I'm thrilled at the last 23 years and am just brimming with pride at what I've pulled off.

I can't wait for people to see this. Cannot wait! Oh Oh Oh!
And it's on YouTube for now (just to get the release date) but it'll be on Google play and Tubi TV and there's an outside chance both films are up on Amazon!! Apparently Indie Rights got a deal with them so they'll at least be reviewed! Man that would be so badass. Amazon is so much more credible.

Anyway... it's finally out! Year-ender in a couple days.