11:35 AM, Monday, December 26th, 2022:
I mentioned this, I believe in 2020? Lemme check...
...yup. That they felt like little humans and not kids and I think I was 2 years premature... because this year? Whew. It simply isn't the same. And whereas I'm usually the glass half full "yay I'm happy for this phase too", this feels bittersweet. Vienna especially just seems like a smaller version of an adult woman and I've gotta be honest - it hit me hard looking over this footage. Oh yeah, the footage...
It's still wonderful, still loved Christmas... but I really need to reset my expectations and accept that we are definitely in the 2nd half of childhood and there's certainly something wonderful about that. I'm trying. I really am, but goddamn I miss the little ones today.

But ya know what Adam? In 10 years you're gonna miss THIS. Fuck there's something to miss about every stage and something to look forward to as well. Anyway - we're off to spend a couple days in Escondido with some family and have the site on auto-update throughout. Oh and we're driving so it won't be cancelled. LOL. Fuck last year man.
Man I just reread this... how depressing! I don't mean it to be! But the same thing that feels silly about gift-giving as an adult is starting to seep in... oh wow - that's probably what it is. Never made that connection. Talya and I don't give each other gifts for birthdays or anniversaries or christmas. We get each other whatever the hell we want or need whenever we want or need those things and there's no pressure nor expectations. It's kinda true with the kids honestly and I almost feel like they're realizing they don't really want or need much. We've already made that kinda the case for birthdays - but I'll always want them to open something on Christmas. But we're getting used to the order of things and there's still tons of shit they never even played with from LAST Christmas. It's just kind of "stuff" and if they NEED something or hell, even show an INTEREST in something throughout the year - we get it.

Anyway - we'll see how the years roll on, but this year felt like a shift. There were 7 killer Christmas years and now it feels like 4 people playing make-believe because everyone does this routine and we love the routine... but the "Stuff" starts to make very little sense.
Talk about a bah humbug train of thought. LMFAO. I still love Christmas.
PS - the japanese gifts were from Hiro! How sweet is that family!!!
PPS - I know I need to finish the moulding and repaint the front door.