8:33 AM, Friday, December 21st, 2022:
I need to remember that during COVID we DREAMED of this shit. We were so worried they'd never get this phase...
...and now they're having 2-game tournaments that start AFTER THEIR BEDTIME on December 23rd because WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE. It's already crazy enough they're going to school on December 23rd - now Vienna has an 8pm start-time for a fucking basketball tournament that we didn't even know about a few days ago? Guys, it's the holidays. Quit it.
But other than that... YAY! This is fun. Seriously, I save the complaining for the written part because at the core is that Talya and I just love the fuck out of this shit. We come with our folding chairs and snacks and just lean-in, man. Oh I am ready, for, this, phase!
And I just love that it's presently... "fun". I know where this is headed, and when shit gets serious? This gets harder. My hope is that they have an actual talent for the activities they're doing because if they don't? This shit will get super stressful, super fast. I remember the shift... well, it was actually right about this age, and that's kinda where I stepped out. I was the creative kid, not the sporting kid and it just wasn't in me. Strangely in my teens, I got super into basketball and probably could've contributed to a team... but my ass was writing songs and was just so CLEARLY meant to do other things.
I guess what I'm saying is... if they DO have the drive and ability - oh WE, ARE, FUCKING, THERE to support that shit and I can't wait...
...but if they want to do introvert shit and read and write silly scripts or play video games, etc. That's totally cool. That was me. It would stand to reason, they will be similiar - but I had to document this period. Kinda what I do.
Good times.