9:41 PM, Friday, December 16th, 2022:
I touched on this a bit in Becoming 2010 Adam, but I need to keep reminding myself how ridiculous it is that I'm actually pulling this off in 2022. It took so much. It's hard to call it procrastination when it comes to weight loss, but I guess there's no other word for it? It's just deeper than procrastination. But the fact that I had no room for error when I started that diet on August 15th, and then had about 3 weeks to finish the entire 10 years... oh and in the middle I got a new computer I had to transfer everything to MID-EDIT (bad idea, but there were issues with the build I had to check)... bottom line, so many things had to go right for this scene to occur...
Oh and if you were wondering, the distributor wants a new harddrive for every movie and when I asked them why, they said they keep it for backups. Well fuck, man - I've given you like 1-2tb harddrives every year. For a no-budget project, this shit adds up. So can I just give you one harddrive with 5 films and all the ancillary files and you give me back all that shit? They laughed and understood. They don't have anyone like me doing this much. It's usually the one-offs and all the headaches that entails. The first one is work. Like the filmmaker has all these expectations, they ask questions constantly, they push, they prod - they do what you're supposed to do. I'm sure I did it with Fastest Delorean. After that however? I know the routine and drop off the deliverables and hardly ever speak to them again. I think they appreciate that. Michael and Linda are nice peeps and I enjoy the whole routine of Deliverables Day. I will miss it if I ever have to stop.

So anyway, for the 5th year in a row, I will have released a feature-length doc. "Where You Once Belonged" being my sole focus for 2023 which does mean, most likely, another mad-dash at the end of next year to try and pull it off. After that? The Return of The Egos idea is getting harder to wrap my head around as it feels like I'd need a ton of resources. Hmmm let me lay this all out...

2018 - Fastest Delorean
2019 - Fastest Delorean Part II
2020 - Meeting Michael
2021 - The Official Journey Vol. 1
2022 - The Official Journey Vol. 2
2023 - Where You Once Belonged
2024 - ?Fastest Delorean VR?
2025 - ?Return of the Egos?
2026 - ?
2027 - ?
2028 - ?
2029 - The Official Journey Vol. 0
2030 - The Official Journey Vol. 3
So there's 5 years in there that are kind of up in the air. Couple things I hadn't announced:
-Fastest Delorean VR
This seems kind of like a cheap way to have a release when in fact, we're just watching the movie on a screen in VR. The idea is that Don and I are sitting next to you in the movie seats talking throughout. Even pausing the film, etc. You can look left and right, be as annoyed as I am that Don is on the phone... that kind of shit. It would be absolutely amazing if done correctly. And come to think of it, considering how fucking hard it is to plan a shoot with Don, this is indeed worthy of calling it a "Release". LMAO. Fucking Don. hahahaha
-The Official Journey Vol. 0
This is an idea I've toyed with in my head forever... tackling the 1990-2000 era, especially 1995-2000 with radio/4tvs being so weird and, well, goddamn. That is a completely different me, isn't it. What's up with all these 10 year periods being so drastically different? Anyway, it would get into high school stuff which is almost too melodramatic to even touch (besides bringing up all sorts of issues with those involved, then, what 40 years later? Christ who would agree to THAT? But ya never know. I could also probably sit down with Cameron at 15 to shoot 1990 me, which is pretty fucking neat. Maybe even do deepfake shit which should be a bit easier in 7 years? It's a fascinating idea to imagine, but difficult with such a supreme lack of video. I didn't get my camera until 1995 and... well there is Slick Tracy in 1990.. hmmm, I gotta think about this. You don't want it to just be a collection of home movies with a voice-over. I want to really capture how 15 year old me will only accept legit fame and stardom as "success" and how it just doesn't seem like I'm having much of that in the 90s. It's just so crazy that I move to LA right at 2000 which would be the start of Volume 1... seems like I have to at least attempt to put Zero together.
To be fair of course, I will have to venture into, oh I don't know, OTHER FUCKING TOPICS except MEEEEEEEE? LOL... if I wish to keep this streak alive. I'm sick of myself just writing about it. It's funny, people must think I'm averse to working with others, but the entire reason any of this started was because I wanted to spotlight Kenny. Can't help that the fucker ghosted me and I had to finish it myself. No, I tend to do things myself because I'm reliable. That's really it. Documenting my reliability is just kinda what The Journey is. If someone else wants to jump in? Happy to turn the camera.

Any day now everybody... any day.
But again - Volume 2 is done! I'm actually excited for people to watch this stuff. Easier to market happy shit, fo sho.