9:26 AM, Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022:
Very excited to share this... and man, it comes back to what I mentioned a couple entries ago: just chilling with people up close is the most effective use of this medium. In fact, I'm a little annoyed I can't afford the entry space to just share the pumpking carving for like 15 minutes... because shoing quick clips? Kills the best part: getting to the point where you're just sitting there with us.
In fact, ya know what would've been perfect? Actually having you BE ME or be your self, with a pumpkin to carve below you while you sit and listen to us talking. I need to remember it like that and in fact - man there it is: that's probably how these should be geared: you're just me. It's a pain to set that up, but if the shot had been the rest of my family, and you could look down and see hands and a pumpkin carving (and let's just throw in me cutting myself because this would be hard as fuck) - THAT would be the best use of the technology. Hmmm.
Anyway - we have this now and it's still very cool and I finally do mention the silver elephant in the room: the Delorean Time Machine. I did kind of reference it in the ocean vrlog, but now you see it and understand that it's indeed a major player in this whole thing. And of course trick or treat night! Oh more on that after the video...
DUUUUUUDE. That feels like trick or treating with my kids. Holy shit it worked. There's actually more footage and this is the first time I've felt like making a big RAW file to watch later with everything because as parents? To be able to just feel that way? WOW. I thought having video of everything was nice, and it IS, but this is next level shit. I cannot wait to capture stuff with my mom and dad who are both coming out in the next couple months. This shit is so, freaking, real.
Also - I love our neighborhood. I've probably mentioned that, but it's a good one. Sadly the best house in the neighborhood was sold this year so nothing fun there - but others have picked up the slack. And yeah, I should probably step up my game, but it's hard. The Journey is hard. The Journey in VR is harder. Being a good husband and parent while also doing all of this is hard. Oh and still paying bills and being the breadwinner. Hard.
BUT I'M DOING THIS SHIT. And welcome to November!!! Alright - Viejas Delorean gig in the next entry. Could've sandwiched it in here as it's certainly Halloween themed, but I got some shots of the band at the gig that was so good it needed it's own entry.
Fun stuff.