2:38 PM, Thursday, October 13th, 2022:
So this is strange... do I embed the video here? First, these embeds don't work on phones anymore for some reason, and on your PC? You don't want to watch this. This is VR, it should be accessed from a VR headset... however, it is part of The Journey now so wtf.

So I guess if you never have any intention of ever strapping on a headset, press play and you can move the cursor around and look around the screen. The problem? You cannot fathom how cool the 3D is or even understand it watching it any other way... but here it is:
Like, when I reference Entry #0001? That video is actually behind me. The effect is truly amazing and of course, the little split-screen joke at the end makes you JUMP. The thing I'm gonna be able to do with this medium is unreal and I cannot wait to start... but man, I'm splitting The Journey right now and it feels really weird. It's kinda like when I went to HD and most people couldn't even see it... but the difference between SD and HD is just resolution. This? It's an entirely different experience and goddamn... I'm just not sure how this will all fit together, but my heart and soul believes I should do this and I'm gonna do my best to piece it together within the framework of The Journey.
I mean, you won't miss anything REALLY if you watch it flat. The next entry will be the first excursion with this camera on Don's boat and in 2D, you still get it. And it's kinda cool you can look around with your thumb on your phone or a cursor on PC... but goddamn IN the headset? It's a revelation.
But ya gotta start somewhere! My hope is that by the end of this decade, there will be millions doing this and millions watching this and I'll be yet another footnote in history. But I'll have footage of my kids like this that will be priceless and by the time this is mainstream they'll be adults.

And man - to be 47 and feel this again? This... reinventing the wheel feeling? This being on the forefront of something feeling? Goddamn it's nice. I haven't felt that since 4tvs and The Journey. That's a quarter century. But what I absolutely adore, and explain in the video, is that the same problem is being solved: presence. It's what people can't really understand about The Journey in 2000. My friends and family were able to click a button at home and WATCH something that happened THAT DAY, on the other side of the country to someone they know. Something we do today constantly. Shit was a massive deal in the late 90s and early 00s. I mean it was straight up magic.
THAT is how it feels, to put in the headset and watch this video of me at the bar. You, are, there. You are present. And it's almost uncomfortable. It's not just the fact that it's 3 dimensional and it's not just the fact that it's 180 degrees... it's all of it together, with a pretty impressive camera quality, and the feeling of freedom that the movment within the headset gives you. And we revert back to the same problem VR has had forever: unless you do it? You don't get it.
It's funny, a fellow Delorean owner visited me last month, Harley, and I showed him the Quest 2. He was "weak-at-the-knees" impressed. Had no fucking clue, even though he had heard of it, that it looked THAT GOOD. He bought one the following week. Thanks to the Quest 2, this is something you can do relatively cheaply and that trend should continue throughout the decade. That's why ya gotta hope people will look back on these entries and go "DAMN! He was doin' this shit in the early 20s. Nice."
So here's the start. I presume I'll average maybe one of these a month as the workflow is just, so, fucking, difficult. I'll get into that in one of the entries, but suffice to say: it's really really difficult. Like - simply getting that 3 minute one-take video file off my camera into an editable form? 12 hours because the camera HAS to shoot in RAW for 8k60. That's intense.

Hopefully I find more workarounds in the future, but I'm glad to at least have gotten to this point in what seems like months... yet I bought this camera last month. Wild.

Alright! Next VRlog will actually be the next entry and then will take a bit of a break for a bit.