10:31 AM, Sunday, October 9th, 2022:
Well this is a lovely birthday entry...
Not exactly what we wanted, but considering what happened that night? Glad we got anything. Because once they decided not to do VR? They got us the fuck out of there QUICKLY. Also the lighting was awesome when we got that one shot and, damn, wish we could've done it with someone in the car IN VR while he said some lines. The letter voice-over thing works, too... but again, had a better idea that just wasn't meant to be.
That being said: there it is! Now I make the package on the site and see what happens next. To be honest there aren't a whole lot of events that I do where the package makes sense and it's quite difficult to get people in and out of the whole experience. So this is pretty limited...
...however, when it does fit it will blow people away. When or where that will happen is beyond me because I have nothing on the horizon where it will work. I may send out emails to previous clients that would dig it. Dunno yet. I've never really done that in nearly a decade... but this is cool enough they may want to know.
Alright - hanging with the kids on my birthday doin' absolutely nothing.