2:08 PM, Wednesday, October 5th, 2022:
Man, how do I write this entry. Video first...
Apparently Jason saw that sword swallow girl at something earlier in the day and she stood up to ask a question... he recognized her and security let her go get her sword and bring it up onstage. Bizarre, but interesting video.
Now we come to this...
I love Kevin Smith, I love some of his stories, obviously loved Clerks and a few others... I am not however, a massive fan. I tend to do the "commonality" thing with most people and what always strikes me about Kevin is his honesty. Straight up. He communicates well, he cares about his wife and kid, he cares about his art and is unflinching open about everything. I relate with all of that oh, so, fucking, much. We also have the connection of Geeking Out. His show that I was booked on in 2016 that I built the Golf Hard hole for... and then it was pushed to Season 2 and then WEINSTEINED that fall because well, Harvey sucks. He produced that show and that, is, game.
I know if I get my ducks in a row I can get Kevin out to GolfKon and we could certainly have one helluva talk. I want this very very badly.
...I also want to talk about this evening and it ain't all positive. But this was such an influential evening for me and not necessarily the way he would have wanted it to be? See, I could sit and talk to him about this, no problem. My concern? Is he somehow reads this and doesn't want anything to do with an interview with THIS prick. And dude - no one reads this, so why write it?
Damn I nearly convinced myself there. I stopped writing. LMFAO.
I wish Clerks III was black and white, non self-referential, and edited and told exactly like Clerks. I think that message would have blown away the industry. Doesn't even matter if you liked or disliked the story - but goddamn how I yearned to just watch a fucking Kevin Smith movie without being reminded, ad infinitum, of his previous movies. Once this occurred to me? I could barely concentrate on the film. I just wanted to get a copy, make it black and white, and try to erase all the constant meta shit that just interferred with what could've been a movie, well, like Clerks. It was the first movie, so... it had none of that.

And again, he can't be in his 20s again, none of us can... but he could've told that story without being Kevin Smith the brand. I know he could've. But he'd have to have people around him that give him those notes. And listen, the meta stuff works for the Jay & Silent Bob movies and almost all his movies have cute nods here and there that are fun for the fans. But because Clerks III was so serious? It SCREAMED for an original story in a familiar location, that simply showed what happened on yet another day at the Quick Stop. Imagine the reaction if he just did that.
Now, I may have done what I sometimes do with movies: I get locked on an idea that could be completely wrong for the movie, but I fixate throughout and then ruin the movie for myself. I can admit that. But, man... if I were friends with Kevin, I would sit down and risk our relationship to help him find the dude that made Clerks. He's there... he just got really famous for being himself. And I feel like he in turn... lost himself.
And dude, the heart attack? Yeah - he's permanently changed and no one can touch that. So why am I writing this? The same reason he would be. If this means he never comes to GolfKon? Fuck. I would be super-bummed...
...but I think there's a pretty spectacular conversation hiding in our two brains. Time will tell.