9:59 AM, Monday, October 3rd, 2022:
What an unbelievable gut punch... may just have to show the video and be on my way...
<shakes head>
I want to add more but this is just so raw. I mean shit it's been 2 days and I'm still just kinda down. I think the real issue is that I built up the president of Epic Games so much. It felt so "Journeyriffic" that I'd do all of this work, BARELY get it complete (like final render done the morning before and the vest bought THE DAY OF) and I just happen to sell the VR packages to the dude who runs FORTNITE which is rumored to be coming to VR. Like. It's a lot - and it's all industry people. All people that know and GET VR ya know?

Until it didn't. The only silver lining is that the chances of those first rides happening without technical difficulties is super low and now I have time to test the jacket properly and the entire workflow of how to get people in and out of this thing. It's a lot...
...BUT I WAS READY. And they just decided not to. Now, I get the decision - the layout for this was truly awful. The car wasn't part of the party, it was part of the WALK-IN. So in order to DO the VR rides you'd have to LEAVE the party and be alone around the car. It's the dude's birthday, all his friends are there - I get it. It's not a small time commitment either - 5 packages were sold, that's well over an hour. So again, my brain understands everything that happened.
My heart, was BROKEN and all that energy going into this add-on just flew out the window. It'll come back... but for now, I'm just bummed.
Oh well. Seeing Kevin Smith tomorrow for a Q and A... maybe I'll ask him about Geeking Out!?!