8:32 PM, Thursday, September 15th, 2022:
Now this is the fun problem solving...
The funny thing is... it's poor-man's problem solving. How do I do this with all the shit I already have because I just can't buy anything more. I'm really adept at that particular form of problem-solving which is why having to spend $300 to literally ACCESS my fucking files is annoying.
But this is the set-up and tomorrow I film the interior. Can't believe we're to this part, I am so busy I can barely see straight.
Now, this is not ALL I live for, and today was just one of those days: in the midst of this I get an inquiry about a Halloween Event at Casino that is a small fortune and a gig Talya can come with me to and have a nice little getaway. It went from phone call to payment in like 2 hours. It was insane. All of this while I'm running around trying to make the mount for the camera and then I talk to Rusty (Doc Brown dude from Universal) and he's super excited about the VR ride and offers up his talents as Doc to do the commercial.

Holy shit.
We also have a gig coming up TOGETHER on 10/1 at a $26,000,000 mansion which may be the perfect background. Can you believe it? All in one very busy day where I felt, like, ME. Juggling a bunch of shit... oh and just making this video today? WAS THERAPY. After the 10 days I've had with this 3D 8k60 bullshit... to just throw together this little video? Felt so good. It was so nice to tell this story in such a quick manner. Meanwhile it's gonna take me hundreds of hours to produce like 6 minutes of this other ride. Jesus.
Moving right along...