9:30 AM, Monday, September 12th, 2022:
Hemorrhaging money at this point...
Lost in that voice-over is the fact that Resolve itself does not solve the issue. It just happens that the genuises who wrote these scripts and made everything work? Chose resolve as the plug-in to do it with as it must be easier than other programs. The installation of those scripts alone, took 2 hours. I have never had a more complicated set-up process in my life. Seriously, peruse this:


That's the first part.

Then of course you have to add Hugh Hou's portion which actually finishes the entire thing. Oh and all their shit that says it's free... as I said in the video - it's free until you want to export it which, well, I would like to. Da Vinci Resolve rightfully left 8k exporting for their professional product because what consumer in their right mind would need that? And that's the odd middle-ground I'm in. So I did have to pay the $295 but it is a ONE-TIME deal. Thank the fuck, christ.
And watch, next month Canon will fix their utility to accept raw files and ALL of this will be a waste. But oh well, these are the growing pains of working this far ahead of the game, so it is what it is.
But now, I can finally, shoot the interior of this ride. Oh, yeah - so I'm working on the VR ride (pretty non-stop the last week) and this has been the thorn in my side.
Thorn removed. Let the insanity begin.
PS - Oh and a huge thank you again to Andrew Hazelden who really did personally answer my emails about shit that was already WELL documented. People like me annoy ME, and he handled my sleep-stupor questions with style. Again, thank you for that and doing Canon's job for them. Ugh.