8:47 PM, Tuesday, September 6th, 2022:
This is so crazy...
Part of this is what happens when you jump into something that isn't ready for primetime... but some of this is also just, fucking, Canon not wanting to spend the R&D on what they know very, very few people need.
BUT GODDAMNIT if you release a fucking camera that can do 8k60, the same year you release a fisheye lens doing video for a HEADSET WHERE fps is SUPER IMPORTANT. Fix your utility. Some more techno jumbo...
The file sizes for Raw, 8k, 60fps footage are so crazy big, there's barely a memory card that can WRITE IT fast enough. So I accept the new $400 memory card. That ain't on Canon. Now, the reason their highest resolution/fps mode has to be raw and not with a normal codec? The camera can't even process the information fast enough to apply a codec in real-time. So 50 minutes of video?
IS A FUCKING TERABYTE. A 5 minute take of something? 100 gigs. I can't even save the raw footage. It's insane.
...but Canon - you've forced people to pay $50 just to take off the files and apply that projection. That's insanity and just shitty. BUT OK! I PAID. But you won't accept raw files? WHY? It's a PROJECTION of an image. The file type should make no difference. As well, I should absolutely be able to bring in that raw file - spend the time converting it to a codec you DO ACCEPT and then bring it into your program... but of course you only recognize YOUR files. The moment it's from some other camera or program? Nope.
Man fuck you. I'm googling and I see that people are indeed writing scripts but they're for multi-thousand dollar industrial programs that I DON'T NEED. I pay my subscription to Adobe, your plug-in WORKS with adobe, just fix your fucking utility.

GOddamniut. I'm keeping that typo in. I wrote it as angrily as I felt it.