2:27 PM, Friday, September 2nd, 2022:
What did I just do...
This is a big deal and I think the justification part of the voiceover really says it all:
This combo can shoot 180 degree 3D footage in 8K at 60 frames per second, which if you watch in a VR headset is 4k per eye... a resolution no consumer headsets can come close to... yet. But even the crazy cheap Quest 2 breaks down to roughly 2k per eye and even at half the resolution of what this camera can do? The result is stunning. I'm future proofing now because these products just released this year and what was once only possible in the $20,000 range, just dropped a bunch. I plan on using this set-up for the remainder of this decade.
Next rationalization? Only the lens is what makes this a VR camera. It's a $2000 lens, matched to a $4800 Canon R5C body that I can simply put a normal lens on and use it for EVERYTHING. It's a pretty remarkable hybrid for video and photographs and the most I have ever spent on a camera body in all my years of film work is $1500. Now I know enough tricks to make THE shittiest cameras look incredible, however there's a limit and I'm in a different ballpark.
Next justification? I can now make a pretty good VR ride simulation in the time machine. I bought a tiny 3D camera for this purpose last year and the quality,, while incredible for $400... was just not good enough to charge people for. This most definitely will be.
Justification #4 (FYI - I'm doing the justifications for the site and insight into my brain... Talya wasn't on my ass or anything - she knows I always make shit work out in the end) I am indeed the first and longest running video blogger. People thought I was crazy in the 90s when I was uploading video to the internet... I was also doing HD by 2007 (though it didn't jump to HD on YouTube until 2008) and was a bit late to 4K with the first entry of 2018. I won't be doing regular video in 8k for quite some time as I don't even think the market saturation has hit a million. They only sold 500,000 8K TVs last year. But VR headsets? Sheeeeeit, Quest 2 sold 10 million in the first 18 months. There's an audience and for certain journey videos, this will work. And, like the video I made last year? You can totally watch it flat and get the idea. But that VR content? Just might be the most popular things I ever upload. Sometimes niche can drive content better than anything else.
Final justification and one that is 1000% just my feeling: I want to capture family members using this set-up before they die or get older than 9. Ya know? There is just something about putting on a VR headset and watching a conversation with someone that feels extremely present. Same feeling we all got when resolution jumped up from SD to HD. The ability move your head, look around, have the subject be in true 3D... it's just one of those things you have to experience and I want to be able to FEEL that anytime I want. It's the future. It will be extremely commonplace in the 2030s. It will be a very comfortable set of glasses... and I will be overwhelmingly appreciative of this ridiculous purchase in the year 2022... much in the same way I wish we had higher definition cameras when I was a kid... I don't want to miss documenting my kids (and my parents) in this way because of a $2000 lens.
Alright - time to get to work. I'm also editing 3 documentaries oh shit have I announced the GolfKon doc here yet? No. Fuck.
And there it is. I really feel like this is gonna end up being a big part of how people know me. It will take some time before I can determine that, but as we always say - there's no time like the present.