10:44 PM, Sunday, July 31st, 2022:
The technology still inspires me, man...
So many of my memories with my father have an avatar attached to it now. The days we spent fishing in 2020... minigolf with the kids. This felt like actually spending time with him... the game was almost secondary (although holy shit the Labyrinth course for Walkabout is so unbelievable and it's two dollars and 99 fucking cents-howthefuck). Our family is also in the process of upgrading everyone's headsets to Quest 2s since they're raising the price from $299 to $399 tomorrow. It's still a steal, but when you're trying to secure 4? That hurts a bit. Pulled it off and now I'll try to get a few bucks for the old ones. Might just give 'em away, dunno.
Can I also say how appreciatve I am for my parents going down this technological rabbit hole with me? My mom is straight up addicted to Animal Crossing and plays with her grandkids and my dad does VR. Like, what? I know boomers that won't do EMAIL. So, just wow. And shit growing up? Neither gave two fucks about video games so the whole thing feels... to be honest it's a little annoying come to think of it. LMFAO. The fact that my mom LEGIT got Nintendo Thumb last year and had to wear a fucking cast blows my mind. I had two little circles on my thumbs from the original NES and she damn near threw that fucker OUT. HA.
But yes, this was a nice afternoon... and of course after humble bragging about the kids, Cam has been an ABSOLUTE ASSHOLE the past two days. Of course he was SUPER sick and only yesterday started feeling better - but holy fuck was he irritable during this game. It's like damnit my dad rarely sees the kids, ya don't want him to see them whining and being a bad sport about a stupid fucking game. When does "being competitive" turn into that quiet burning desire to practice for eleventy hours a day and beat the fuck out of those that beat you? 'Cause right now his competitveness is just "woe is me" and we all know how that works: your woe will continue. God I hope he has that obsessive practice-work ethic as he gets older. I feel like I had it around his age but I may be wrong. Whining was simply not an option and if I cared about something? I obsessed and it consumed me until I got where I thought I should be. Didn't even matter if it was my NES and beating Mario... though come to think of it? I got my first NES at 12. So he really is pretty young.
Time will tell!
Anyway - still super awsome to hang with my dad and it's such a cool video to have. Alright August, let's DO THIS SHIT!