10:44 PM, Saturday, July 30th, 2022:
Well thart was fuckin' scary... quick video:
I cannot for the life of me understand how we haven't gotten this. Either that or we've gotten it so often our bodies just knock it out pretty quick? Are we doing the tests wrong? Like shoving that swab into a symptomatic kids nose and swirling it for 5 seconds in each nostril is an iffy proposition when you're trying to keep them from being hysterical... but damnit there has to have been enough on those tests to get a good reading. We did 3 for him and NOTHING. A few weeks ago I had the infamous "after-the-vaccine" headache that I was CERTAIN was COVID... nada. Cannot get a positive reading to save my life and I know people using the EXACT same tests that have gotten positives right away. It does seem a little suspicious that a line showed up a few hours later, but according to everything I've read - that is most DEFINITELY a false positive.
So we thought it was just a stomach bug to begin with when he puked up his breakfast in the morning... but then, whew. He proceeded to puke water for 8+ hours (even AT the urgent care) and even THEY thought he had COVID. They didn't have tests though!?!?! How the fuck?!?! How do we have more tests than an urgent care? Anyway - it mattered little, we're not doing anything for awhile so it's a pretty perfect time to get sick. But of course now we wait to see if the rest of us ever feel anything because we don't now. And that's the weirdest part - we have to be the closest family in a very small house doing EVERYTHING together. How on earth could one of us get it and no one else!?!?!
But I had that moment with Cam we had when he was in the hospital two separate times because he couldn't breathe. There's a calm moment where you're watching him sleep and you feel absolutely helpless. Every parent knows this feeling 'cause you have it a lot when they're 3 and under. And when it happens and they're older? They might as well be 2. You're fighting tears, trying to look strong, but inside you're terrified. Especially with his breathing issues, immuno-compromised issues caused by the allergies... you never really know if the vaccines are gonna help his body fight through it or not. And when the kid's temperature is pushing 104, you're in really scary territory. Happened to Vienna too, the last day in Columbus in March. Then my father and step-mother got it a month later... I mean, everyone I know has gotten it except us. That just can't be. We have to have just timed the tests wrong... but he couldn't possibly be more symptomatic so I guess it was just the 24-hour flu? Because he was absolutely fine by the middle of the day today. And tonight? Jumping around like it was nothing. No fever today... nothin'.
<throws hands up>
Certainly strange times these 2020s. Lots of uncertainty, lots of questions with few answers... meh, the more things change, the more the stay the same I guess.