7:34 AM, Monday, July 25th, 2022:
...like really big. Like, I didn't really understand it when we first booked it. Certainly big enough for two videos...
Damnit, I said everything in the last entry. GODDAMNIT.
Cam getting his knee stuck is hilarious. Like, we let the kids have a bit more freedom (like, we'd sit back while THEY went to through the line by themselves) and of course, he does this. LMAO. So they're not COMPLETELY ready for life yet, right? HAHAHAHA. The truth is he was just scared to yank it cause it was gonna hurt. Like... I'm sure it would've hurt a bit more without the lotion but my ass totally would've done that so my parents never found out I was an idiot. I stuck my tongue to a freezing fence post once "just to see" and absolutely ripped that fucker off and dealt with the pain for days without telling my mom because I knew EXACTLY what she would say. I may have been 11 or 12 though.
Anyway, the video makes the kids laugh. Oh and this summer I've been doing these long form ROUGH edits of basically all useable footage hobbled together and those videos really feel like the day... but they're an hour. The Journey videos being 18 minutes for each day still seems awfully long, but what I dig about them are those conversation moments that I absolutely know will mean the world to us in a few years. We talk A LOT as a family. About everything, matter of factly... and for extremely long periods of time. It's probably what Talya and I are most proud of as a family: the communication is through the roof and talking begets... more talking. There's never been a "you're too young" topic: if they can ask the question? They can hear the answer. We've talked about sex with them as laissez-faire as the weather and even though they may have been too young to process it? They heard the truth. And have repeatedly so NOW when they ask? They get it just a little bit more and since we don't act all weird they ask more and more and more. I will say the often the refrain is "until puberty? None of this information really matters... it will make more sense once you get this crazy influx of hormones. Like, we're happy to talk to you now... but it simply won't register."
Though I think Cam already wants to have what he thinks sex is with all 3 females from Friends. Dude is girl-crazy and has been since pre-school.

Just reread the entry and it feel very humble-braggy, but I can point you all to several entries where as a dad I'm pulling my hair out because the kids are annoying the ever-loving fuck out of me. But we turned a corner during COVID. We really did. Not sure if it was the parameters of the pandemic or just their literal ages (probably both) but we're in a different zone and I am so happy about it. Thrilled. Loving this age and excited for all that's next. Which is apparently Disneyland!
...but not before the Hollywood Bowl with Nana next week and Palm Springs with Nana after that!