7:01 AM, Monday, July 18th, 2022:
Man it's really been almost two weeks hasn't it. I've honestly spent that time trying to recover from what is turning out to be the craziest summer we've ever had as a family. In a couple hours we go to San Diego to visit family and then two days at LegoLand. Then a small break and boom: my mom comes out, Palm Springs... I think I needed these two weeks to just decompress. However, yesterdays events were absolutely newsworthy. Check THIS out:
So awesome. I really hope this works out and lots of people do the upgrade. The problem is, The Marty Package on the site is the cheapest possible way to ride in the car... so we're already stretching the dollar/breaking the bank there. Not like these are big corporate events. I'm not sure (unless they're shooting a video) that anyone will do this... but man, if they do? It's going to be unbelievably epic. It simply hasn't been an option before now and... just wow.
And on the dude who legally changed his name... I have so much to say. I just. I'll put it this way: are you trying to get attention for something else? I totally get it. You trying to sell a persona or a brand? Brilliant. Don wanted to run for Mayor one time and I told him point blank: you legally change your name to Goldie Wilson and I'll be your campaign manager and we'll win this thing. Like - that's brilliant right there... but he declined of course and on we went with life.
To just do it as a fan is so jaw-dropping to me... I can't even wrap my head around it. I worked with his wife for the rental (which was originally a 2020 gig believe it or not) so I never really spoke to him, but the whole thing is just fascinating and I'm dying to really understand it. I'll say this - his friends were there (obviously) and were gushing about how sweet and wholesome he was. Not particularly obsessed with Back to the Future, just really wanted to do it... and did it.
Still boggles my mind, but what a story!