11:06 AM, Tuesday, July 5th, 2022:
All this worrying about the kids and Jed nearly burns his eyeball. Fuckin' 80 year olds...
So this is now my 20th fourth of July living at this house (JESUS) and as is the common refrain from us in LA - goddamn these fucking fireworks. Now, I give no shits on the actual 4th of July - so that shit all night, I don't honestly care. It's the summer of fireworks celebrating June 28th or August 3rd that annoy me. My kids were always good sleepers, my dogs when we had 'em all just sat next to me and were alright. I'm pretty easy going about the whole thing. It seems stupid in a city, but we've been lucky to not have any trees light up (hell I don't have any left - lol) and now with kids? Shit - it's the coolest thing ever...
We were gonna finally go back to the football field we went to a couple years back - that somehow never made it into The Journey - but, well the Highland Park shooting kinda ended that. I fuckin' swear, America... What exactly does freedom mean? Ya know? Mass shootings sure curtail my freedoms.
Quick aside - my man, Sean Brown is moving to Singapore for a pilot gig and I remember what we all thought of Singapore in the mid-90s during the caning incident involving Michael Fay. My take back then was - tough shit kid, you broke some laws in a different country - suck it up. But I sure was glad I didn't live in Singapore.
I don't have the freedom to put my truck or time machine on the street because people are cutting off catalytic converters... bet they'd be safe in Singapore. We DIDN'T go watch fireworks today because of feeling unsafe after another mass shooting... bet we'd feel safe in Singapore. And I'm not gonna pull a Michael Fay and vandalize any cars so I'm no getting caned. My kids aren't either... ya know? Like what the fuck does freedom actually mean? What incident is finally gonna make us jump? Trump re-election? Being in an actual mass shooting? I could rent my house/guesthouse and hire someone to take care of everything INCLUDING RentTheDelorean gigs and be FINE almost anywhere in the world. It's this constant balance of wanting our kids to have a kickass childhood but having to do it in a country where you simply have to ignore the dangers. Just ignore them. No way to prepare, you just pretend it ain't happening.
Goodness. Anyway - glad no one got hurt with those Roman candles that in an effort to be super safe we tried to come up with some apparatus instead of just holding 'em. LOL. Ahh the best laid plans.

Still can't believe Jed nearly blinded himself with a fucking sparkler. Jesus, man.