12:58 PM, Sunday, July 3rd, 2022:
How monumentally cool is this? I can't even begin to imagine, as a kid... getting to do this...
...in an NFL stadium - 5 months after the SUPERBOWL was there... and our home team won.
WHAT? Watch this...
It boggles my mind that this was even allowed. And for a grand total of $20 a ticket and FREE parking AT the stadium. Parking which is $60 for Season Ticket holders and in the $80-$100 range for us normal fuckers. And we're on the field. I just... the kids will never understand how cool this was.
Also, the field is pretty badass. I think the field for the Akron Rubberducks was the same? But there's this black rubber mesh that surrounds the blades of grass that REALLY feels like grass... but like the best possible type of grass ever. It was so awesome to run around on and as you saw in the video? Unless I lose a lot of weight VERY quickly - that was the last time I ever beat my kid at a 40 yard dash. She's super quick to begin with... but man - being over 200 pounds sucks ass. I'm working on it...
The event was basically chaos with too many rules and too little foresight into how things would play out. Those plastic barriers not being attached to the ground is just ridiculous, but I have to imageine anything sturdier would've fucked with the grass so what could they do? The rules were worthless as there was no way to enforce them - and they didn't even have jerseys for sides. So all the ____ vs. ____ match-ups were impossible unless it was boys vs. girls.
They also totally should've just split the field down the middle and let adults play on one side and kids play on the other. All that being said - the kids rocked it. They bounced off the adults so well. Well Vienna did anyway - she was a fucking pinball. Cam got knocked over and had to find someone to call us at one point but he was fine... just a little bruised ego.

We ended up leaving about an hour early and that was mostly due to the randomness of the mayhem. I really feel like they could've paid a few dozen volunteers and did capture the flag or legit "one-hit you're down" like they do with paintball... but then again? I can't fathom they made a DIME off 3-4,000 people and renting the ENTIRE STADIUM for a night. Ya know? I cannot understand how that was something they could do, ya know? What just happened!?!? How were we fucking around on THAT field?

Oh well. It happened, it's a journey entry and this summer is freaking insane. Cannot believe we aren't even half-way through yet. Jesus.