7:42 AM, Monday, June 27th, 2022:
Dude, it's early. And we're about to pack for the camping trip we're leaving for today... but I had to write about yesterday. VIDEO HERE:
These are the moments you have to assure people you didn't push this as a dad. LMAO. Like, admittedly, when they were far younger, I did indeed try to get them into Star Wars and it didn't fly. I let it go, moved on...
..and then something clicked in both of them honestly. I think with Vienna it was Rey and for Cam I think it was the original trilogy - and then of course he loved Kenobi. I get it though, girl centered vs. boy centered. But they're both hooked now and it's pretty fun to be part of. Assuming I can knock the weight off I'll be Han Solo to Talya's Leia for Halloween which should rock. Though if she wants to be slave Leia I can play a mean Jabba The Hutt right about now. Ba-dum-tssss.
The party was still light on participants both because of COVID and by design. Not because of the COVID cases but because there's this fatigue and we all kind of adjusted to a different way of doing birthdays. The kids are also older and we can even see THAT shift is starting. Ya know, the older birthdays where you have a couple friends, maybe you do something special - but the crazy CAM IS 3! type birthdays are clearly a thing of the past.
We're all just so happy and so busy... we're focusing on all of those things - and the whole birthday thing is just another day to celebrate how GOT-DAMNED happy we are.
I love my kids. They're good people.
And now we're off to Lake Perris for yet another adventure. SUMMER 2022 is ONNNNNNNNN!