3:31 PM, Saturday, June 25th, 2022:
Eight and a half years old. Wow.
Dear Cam,
You and your sister have been through so much in the past 2 years. Goodness. Where do I even start?!?!
As was the case last year, our bond is tighter than ever and I've noticed more and more that you emulate what I say or do... much to your detriment. It seems the past 12 months would be the height of your mimicing skills with very little to back it up. Which, actually - is pretty awesome because that will come later. Most people don't have the balls to just get up in front of a crowd and do a routine they've never practiced or even thought about.
Oh, but you do.
You will literally interupt me talking to friends at the bar to start your stand-up routine. Your JOKE-LESS stand-up routine. It's awfully awkward, but it's also amazing. You're fearless. I'm not exactly sure why you're fearless...and I'm pretty sure you're going to need a foundation or two here pretty soon or the lack of response to your output will stifle that spirit. Time will tell there...
..but that's my biggest takeaway here: you're bounding onstage without a care in the world and it's intoxicating to watch it unfold. Seriously, if Weird Al had asked you to come onstage to sing Albuquerque you would've bound up without ever realizing you don't actually know the words. As a fellow performer this actually terrifies me that you would do this, but I'm also aware of the value of that ability and now just want to help you with your foundation - whatever that will be.
Of course gaming is still fun... as is your sudden interest in Friends. Ahem. Seems 8 is the age where all the pretty girls make a whole lot more sense. We are the same person here. I was madly in love with girls at 5. An overwhelming feeling that filled me far before I knew what to do with it.

It's gonna be a pretty interesting couple years, man. But I'm excited. We're in a new phase. We talk to each other like two friends (sometimes) and those conversations will probably stick with you far longer than "WHAT THE FUCK CAMERON, WEREN'T YOU LISTENING?" will. But seriously, Cam - please try to listen. I mean... it's almost magical how bad you are at listening. Like - Harry Potter wand-type shit where he erased our words before they got to your ears. Fuck, man.
Alright - I love you dude. STAR WARS PARTY TOMORROW!!!