1:42 PM, Sunday, June 19th, 2022:
I pray YouTube doesn't take this down. It's crazy the amount of copyrighted things allowed on YouTube and I'm the one that gets hit? Ugh. Anyway - WHAT A NIGHT!!!
So there's an irony to the Weird Al thing with my kids. I was the first generation of kids to just annoy the living fuck out of their parents by playing Weird Al - FOREVER. Jesus, that "Dare to Be Stupid" tape was BROKEN. And I lovingly introduced him to my kids and I believe Albuquerque was played 1000 times by Cam and Vienna. I really just wanted to call my mom and apologize. So there's that...
...however, I still adore Weird Al - was so excited to meet him in 2014 and of course he's why there's a Wheel of Fish on GolfKon and why Gedde came out... and of course, for the umpteenth time I will print what he wrote about that Hats & Minigolf episode to our mutual friend, Gary:
"I remember watching that Gedde interview online!
That’s really cool about the “Wheel of Fish” hole. Fun thing Adam’s doing - please give him my best!
Cheers from down undah,


OMG that's so cool he saw that shit. ANYWAY...
...taking the kids to a concert in a theater is rife with concerns. McCartney in '19 was one thing - it's massive, everyone has a view because you're viewing a SCREEN really and if they're loud and obnoxious - who cares you're in a stadium. This? The Wiltern? Obstructed views, close quarters and a general... "adultness" to it all. Ya know? But - let's do this shit.
As well, Al is doing his "Ill-Advised Vanity Tour" where he does the B-sides basically. Thankfully they like a bunch of those but for some GODDAMNED REASON, he does two setlists over two nights and you have no idea which fucking songs he'll do. ANd wouldn't you know we DIDN'T get the Albuquerque night. <rolls eyes> I gotta say, I love you Al, but that's kind of a shitty thing to do. I understand a couple differences here and there but good lord two completely different setlists? (sigh)

ANYWHO - the kids still had a blast. Cam rocked out a bunch at the beginning, then kinda slept - and then rocked out at the end - and Vienna was pretty quiet throughout but couldn't stop talking about how cool it was afterwards. I'll be excited when he does the bigger tours later and dresses up and all that jazz.
Now, as a fellow singer and songwriter? Al sounded so goddamned good I thought he was lip-syncing at first. I turned to Talya with this quizzical look on my face... because he was so DEAD ON. I mean, the dude is in his 60s. I have no idea how this is a sentence I'm about to write, but he was the best voice I've ever heard live. He changes genres so quickly - and he's so professional... I couldn't fucking believe it. It NEVER sounded live. He's infamous for taking really good care of himself, especially on tours, but I was gobsmacked. Of course the kids didn't notice becuase they haven't been to too many live things... but WOW. Just, wow. It was spectacular. Hats off to you there, Al. Totally inspiring.
So there you are! What a summer, right? And the hits will keep on comin'! So much more planned.
Post-COVID (ish) summer IS HERE!