7:45 PM, Thursday, June 9th, 2022:
I'm on the plane going back and figured I'd write a bit... the next adventure was the SUB!!
Yet another super-touristy thing I wouldn't have done if not for the kids - but it was pretty cool. I think what I loved the most? Is the understanding that subs always float. The motors are pushign you down and if everything broke? Up you'd go. I mean, duh - that's the safest way to do it but I hadn't thought of that. For whatever reason, knowing that? Made it kinda cool for me.
Of course what we saw was cool - but, like... I'd rather be scuba-diving. Ya know? I mean what you're seeing through those windows might as well be a TV screen from inside the sub. You're going so slow there's no sensation of anything... when the kids are older - a scuba-diving we will go.
That being said - the kids loved this more than anything we did. They were so excited to see each fish and that Giant Trevally from Animal Crossing (lol) blew us away. NINTENDO NAILED THAT SHIT. But the whole experience was very family friendly and I'm so glad we did it. That felt like vacation... more so than the snorkeling because we had to be so concerned about everyone - here? You just sit and look.
But yeah - ready to scuba dive sooner rather than later. I think both kids need to be at least 12? Something like that. Oh, and we live in LA so we could do that without coming all the way to Hawaii.
PS - Cam's toe was fine by that night. The hot water really did the trick. We didn't need to deal with the vinegar. Thank goodness he had shoes on.