12:55 PM, Tuesday, June 7th, 2022:
Start with the video... and then my biggest takeaways...
First and foremost: that sweet young woman is my daughter. The Luau is where I saw that on full display - her pierced ears and a dress and her hair up... she just - she's growing up and it just melted my heart. And how goofy she still is and so happy and fun. I adore watching her come of age and I'm just so thrilled for all the adventures she has coming up!!
So the luau people kinda pissed us off because there was no shade. Apparently you paid extra for SHADE. And Vienna and Talya are whiiiiiiiiiiiite. So we just stole some seats and luckily got away with it.

Fuckers. Shade shouldn't be an upgrade you idiots. Or that should be CLEARLY STATED.
Anyway - I don't know what the hell I was expecting but it was far more "intimate" in my mind than whatever the fuck this cattle call was. I know Karen was pissed too because she booked it online without knowing and there was this energy of - FUCKERS - at the beginning.
And then the free alcohol started flowing and who could care, right? The show was fun and of course Cam saved the goddamn day by getting up there and dancing. Everyone's mood changed at THAT moment. Every family needs a HAM and Cam is now that Ham. My ass is happy to pass the baton.
It's also a massive pain to hold the big camera all the way zoomed in without the incredible stability of the iPhone. And yeah, I have to admit - UNLESS you need to zoom in? I've wasted my money on those other big XC-10s. The new iPhone trumps that fucker in every way. Then again, that a was a$1500 camera in 2018 and, well the iphone is like $1300 in 2022? Makes sense. But the sensors on the iPhone Pro Max 13 or whatever the fuck? Unbelievable. And the stability of the floating lens shit... wow. Just unreal how good shit looks. And how EASY IT IS. Holding that big fucker was ROUGH.
But, fun night. The kids will remember it fondly and again, and I'm just so happy I was able to sneak that video of Vienna being goofy and being HER while waiting for her food. That memory will be burned in my brain forever.
<3 <3 <3