10:33 AM, Sunday, June 5th, 2022:
Okay, we just did three days of craziness and have a moment to catch our breath. Whew. We'll start with Thursday and the snorkeling adventure. The video will go here:
So you don't even realize it until you're starting - but the kids have never been on a BOAT. Like what the fuck. So - yeah - A BOAT is amazing. You really forget about the little things when you're focused on snorkeling...
...which terrified Vienna and Cam (who is asthmatic and we were sure wouldn't be cool with it) was a fish and would've done it all day. Who knew. The good thing is, Vienna did do it. Did have fun with it and although she was "done" sooner than the rest of us, I'm glad she did it. It's overwhelming, I get it.
And that's probably my first big takeaway - this would've been a totally different vacation with just Talya. We're on EMPATH MODE seeing EVERYTHING not only through the children's eyes, but also Karen, Talya's mother. We want to make sure she's enjoying herself, which sometimes means blocking the children's energy and of course making sure the KIDS have a good time. So there's no "chill" time on these events. You're putting out the next fire to make sure everyone is cool. But the good news is... everyone was cool. The kids didn't get sick on the boat... they did the snorkeling and saw some cool stuff and the city of Lahaina is gorgeous. But that's the thing: even if everyone is having the time of their lives? It's not exactly relaxing for me or Talya because we're trying to make the most of everything.
Today? Today is relaxing. I'm laying in bed playing with my new Steam Deck. Playing Breath of the Wild with Cam. DRRRRRRRRRRRRRINKIN. The downtime is the fun time. I'm thrilled the kids are getting to experience this stuff, but since I've done it before - it's just different. I mean I don't know exactly how I'm going to edit the video but I have to include that gorgeous resort view by the pool and Cam having to go #2 and by the time I come back I've missed the sunset.
That's Hawaii with kids. I love them to death - and that will make me laugh/cry in 10 years because I miss them being that age sooooooooooo much, but that's what this vacation really is: cementing a moment in time WITH THEM.
Up next? THE LUAU.