1:13 PM, Friday, June 3rd 2022:
Interesting this starts in June. 13 years ago, I had the craziest June ever going all over the world and doing 30 (yes 30) entries in one month. It was in an attempt to catch-up The Journey to 1000 by the 10-year anniversary and it was also a way to document the adventures I was having. It was the greatest month - shit I damn near sold my house and just became an actual vlogger going around the world.
But I didn't. I had a house in LA and it's hard to let that go. Very, very fucking happy with my choice there.
The takeaway however was that I, hate, touristy, shit. Like - want nothing to do with it. I went to Rome and hung out at an apartment complex pretending I lived there and just tried to mingle with locals. Every place I went I found hostels or would sleep on the floor in an airport and try and just experience the countries, not tour the sites. I have almost an allergic reaction to the tours and the shit everyone else does on vacations. It was the same thing in 2005 with Japan - I just wanted to do things at my own pace. That's what was magic. The touristy shit was what the suckers did...
...now enter a resort in Hawaii. This was a gift from Oma for the family. She and Talya loved Hawaii and wanted the kids to experience it. Oma had a bunch of airline miles and I tried to cover all the food and fun once we got there. It's a wonderful gift and I knew the kids would have a blast. And, of course, how do you not enjoy a resort. I will happily lay around and drink and giggle for 10 days.
So I'll break this into 5 entries as you slowly watch me go from grumpy "I HATE TOURISTY SHIT" to admittedly enjoying that shit and seeing all of it through the eyes of an 8 and 9 year old who will ADORE this shit.
And so it begins...
It's quite pretty ya know...