9:11 PM, Monday, May 30th, 2022:
GolfKon events are basically over, and I feel like I've kept doing them simply because Steven hadn't won a major... which means, this is probably it...
So good for him, and it's noteworthy for one reason: now we can stop doing this. Labor Day is the 10th Anniversary of GolfKon. We'll have a big blow out and that will be the end. The truth is? The kids are kind of into it... but not enough. Not 6 events a year or even 4 majors a year enough. Maybe if they enter their teens and start getting into it (which would in turn bring YOUNG PLAYERS - their friends) sure. I can see starting it back up. But I just can't keep pushing it without support and so we'll have the 4th of July... then Labor Day... then maybe we pick it up in 2027.
But congrats to Steven who beat me, Cam and Jesse in which has to be the most hollow victory of all-time and he knows it. LMFAO.
Seriously, once Matt moved out-of-state, the seriousness of these events dropped. Big time.
Oh well - congrats Steven. That's a lot of goddman majors without a victory. What 32? Whew. You've done it!