11:26 AM, Friday, May 27th, 2022:
Boy I'm asking for it with this one...
The order of this "discovery" is something I probably should put in depth here on the site in case I need to remember.
So I'm doing a wedding in July for a dude named Phillip who I picked up and dropped off years ago (when we still offered that package). He came to drop off a deposit and we were talking about the car and I mentioned the issue where I turn the key and nothing happens for several seconds and then it sometimes kicks in. It's been like that since the swap. It always eventually gets there, but it sucks. He mentions that it could be the actual steering column connections to the key being old.
Annnnnnnnd I'm OFF! I basically break down all the wires in the steering column to be turned on with secret switches - I'm basically building a fancy way to hotwire the car without a key. In doing this I fix the problem. Now this fucker is firing immediately.
Go to my first gig - loving how well it's working. The gig is in my neighborhood so when I drive home (like 90 seconds) I notice I had the starter SWITCH still active which menas that VIOLENT STARTING sound had been happening the entire way home. No biggie. Next day I go to start it and it won't fire - which is when I notice the gas leak at the front. Long story short - the 90 seconds of grinding BLEW out the gas line into the fuel pump and it required me just plugging it back in. In doing that I take apart the fuel pump and notice it actually diconnected shit inside as well and of course you can't ship these fuel pumps to California because, California.

I rig something up, get it all working and put the final part of the secret switch system to a push button. Now it can't stay on. Oh and to the thieves getting all excited about the ability to steal the car - you still need the key to actually turn the wheel, so good luck. LMAO.
But throughout this process I've come to now understand why the fuel system and the electrical system to a pretty intense level as these two things were the majority of my problems since the swap. That doesn't mean there won't be new ones and, well, everything is now 5 years old... Halfway to a decade when all sorts of shit will be a problem. That's the thing with "new" swaps - they ain't new for long and this was a complete piece of shit when I received it. So I'm not super hopeful about thet future...
...but enough has gone wrong that I know this car. I could do this swap. I know these parts, I know these problems. Oh and the smoking engine thing? It was low on oil because of where Kenny made the line on the dip-switch. So what I thought was maybe a 1/2 quart low was 1 1/2 courts low. Thank the fuck christ I turned that car off and towed it home when I did. I did a fresh oil change and we were good to go. I'll know do them Memorial Day and Thanksgiving Day no matter what. I could even do it more than that. But engines like that always need clean oil and thanks to COVID? Time passed and I didn't do it enough since it was barely driven.
But again, I know this car. I feel good today. I have some hope for the near future. First time I've ever felt that. Ever.
Knock. On. Wood.