11:11 AM, Tuesday, May 24th, 2022:
What are these kids gonna tell THEIR kids about their childhood? This is THE strangest life. So many of our adventures now come organically because of RentTheDelorean.com. I love that. I hope my kids do too...
I'm so happy THESE type of events are still happening now that they're old enough to join. In 2015 I did ALL of this shit by myself. It crushed me because I wanted the family to come along SO BADLY but it just wasn't feasible with a 2 and 3 year old. Finally around 2018/2019 it was and of course everything from now on it fair game. It makes it infinitely more fun for me.
It's crazy, but behind some of those gigs where I was by myself (even the awesome one where the Scottsmen took me out drinking) was an intense loneliness and depression of being in a hotel without Talya and waking up to silence. Like, you can find the uniquity of it for ONE DAY. Then? You just miss them so much it actually hurts. I loved hanging with that NC Tech crew, but goddamn I wanted to come home to my family after.
BUT NOW IT'S ON! However, after pushing my car out of the Anaheim convention center I'm about to BRING ON a heart attack. I am so out of shape. May even need a locked entry in here soon 'cause, whew. I'm in trouble physically. Of course next week is Hawaii - so it's not exactly lockdown diet/exercise time - but even that concerns me. Ugh.
Can't continue like this. It's time to be a conscientious adult... forever. No more ups and downs.