10:57 AM, Monday, May 23rd, 2022:
A complete whirlwind where the family got to travel with me on TWO gigs, back-to-back. Never had that happen before. I guess COVID is over, huh? It was so special I had to do a pretty in-depth voice-over video...
Really not much to add to that. It's the unofficial start to summer as we had to take them out of school for two days and they really only have 3 days this week before - HAWAII!!!!
We are doin' this summer up BIG. Making up for lost time, the kids are the perfect ages - and entries like this show that. Pioneertown ain't the Ritz but because of The Journey, the kids kind of understand the concept of "adventures". Adventures that may be slightly uncomfortable at times, but the footage? The stories? And for this one, just the scenery of said stories... is just so different than we're used to. That's what makes it all special.
And of course for me, the kids really understanding how special our life is. What that silly car means to people, and overall being proud of what we "do" as a family. It feels very special.
I'm super lucky... and then we were off to Anaheim (in the next entry). So more on that surrealness tomorrow...